Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TMNF- Teenage Marvel Ninja Females

"Does a mall Babe eat Chilli fries"
-Jubilee early 90's X-men cartoon


Conrad said...

Loving both pieces. Love the Jared jewelers in the back of Jubilee, and the composition is clever.

Which character is the blue one with the katana? Is she from Heroes for Hire or what?

Art of Jared said...

Yeah thats Collen Wing from Heroes for Hire. She was also from the Iron Fist series. Thanks for the support.

Impy said...

What, no X-23? She's actually a teenager. Then again, I guess she's not really a ninja. O.o

Anyway these are both really awesome! I love the simple color washes you used on the TMNT pic, it has a great effect. Coloring with markers really works for you too, I hope you do some more with them.

btw I got your comments on the Thor pages. Those jokes were lame! They about put me to sleipnir. I was yawning like "hummm, dull." ^_~

Aaron said...

sexy girl!