Friday, September 7, 2007

Heres a couple of Caricatures of Yours truly!

Here are some other co workers. In order from top to bottom Cara, Annie (don't let the name badge fool you.) Oscar, Diego, and Andy.

Here James Averett who is the artist who actually got me into caricatures. He has been a big influence in doing funny drawings. I was finally able to truly capture his ecentric personality in this drawing.

For my first caricature submition I would like to post one of my personal favorites which I like to call Ficheal Math. I think this is a funny drawing even though I didn't exaggerate on the teeth at all. Sorry there is no picture of the real person but he doesn't like to be drawn. In fact when this drawing was done Ficheal Math's underlings got real upset with me for hanging this drawing up, so I had to take it down. To bad they cant make me take it down from here.