Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ Wordplay

Do you remember the time
when his rhymes would coincide
with musical chimes
One of Five
Who’s ties still bind
He was ahead of his time
His sound was so refined
Some wanna diss
but this emcee will be missed
unlike his fans
his gift of song never lost consciousness
Its a shame how the media tarnished his name
God forbid to have a black man
with that much power and fame
I felt his pain
Its so disgusting it makes me wanna scream
These culture fiends
telling lies like Billie Jean
He tried with all his might
to unite black and white
His music lives on to continue the fight
I commend you MJ
In the most respectful ways
In the game for yearsand still getting radio play
He made it look as easy as A,B,C's
He was the life of the party
Entertaining P.Y.T's
in the US and overseasHis music was a thriller
he changed an era
his music couldn't be any illa
it changed the man in the mirror
He made it cool to be bad
his influence made some mad
but they couldn't beat it
if they hadthe fire of a Pepsi ad
They say he was pop
but I think not
He fused funk with soul
sprinkled in some hip-hop
He moon walks
amongst the heavens
so he remains on top
The smooth criminal on beat breaks
he influenced other musical greats for heavens sake
listen people
the king of pop is so regal
his influence even reached David Seigle
with flicks like Captain EO
He brought us the first music video
to air on TV screens
He was a dancing machine
I blamed it on the boogie
for what I had just seen
He could jam at any music scene
Speakers blastin
his songs filled with passion
his legacy everlastin
to everybody I'm askin
lets have a moment of silence
for Michael Jackson
Thank you for some of the most heart felt, rhythmatic, musical blends that transcends all genres.
He was...No he is the most well know, musical artist the world has ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Rest in peace Michael.