Thursday, September 17, 2009

How could YOU be so Heartless?

For all those who wanna hate on Kanye West for what he did at the VMA's, Come on really? Its Kanye, If anything, ya'll shoud have expected that kind of behavior. I'm not saying its right, but he does have a history of that kind of behavior. Yeah, I thought it was a tacky but I also thought it was hilariously entertaining. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was orchastrated by MTV to get ratings. Am I the only one who noticed how the camera cut to Pink before anything even went down. And when it was all said and done, Pink was dissing him first along with Katie Perry, which whom Mr. west mentions in a verse on the song Hate (off the Blueprint 3 album). That line seemed to fit all too well what was going down at the VMA's. As for Taylor Swift, Kanye probabley just indirectly (or Directly) doubled her fan base. So If she wants to cry about her perfect moment being ruined (which I might add, she herself didn't even try to save) she can wipe away her crocidile tears with the thousands of dollar bills that she has.
I understand why Kanye was upset but he could have definitly handled things alot differently. Complaining to the very people who control the injustice dosen't get you anywhere. Its like what Q-tip (of a tribe called quest) said,
"Industry rule number 4080
record company people are shaaadyyy"
I think people are really just mad at the ugly side of entertainment politics that Kanye tried to reveal to us in a brutally honest way.
I don't understand why the music industry praises musicians who claim to be drug dealers and murderers. but when a artist is alittle bit rude to a country singer, they wanna crucify them. according to the New Boyz, I thought it was cool to be a Jerk. Taylor's Mom even said that their are worse thing in the world to worry about then a imperfect awards show. If Taylor Swift and her Mom could forgive Mr. West, then we should also.

To Taylor Swift, congrats on the award and to Kanye, Keep speakin your mind, don't let the Man take away your freedom of speech.